Bat or flying fox sleeping under a bush in Tsavo West

I am not a Bat expert and since the list of bats is long, or maybe it is a flying fox? I can only speculate about the one I photographed here. Tsavos bat list contains the following Rousette Fruit Bat, Fruit Bats Epauletted Fruit Bat, Pale-bellied Fruit Bat, White-bellied Tomb Bat, Hollow-faced Bat, False Vampire Bat, Yellow-winged Bat, Lander’s Horseshoe Bat, Lesser Leaf-nosed Bat, Giant Leaf-nosed Bat, African Trident Bat, Banana Bat or African Pipistrelle, Yellow-bellied Bat, Angola Free-tailed Bat, White-bellied, Free-tailed Bat, Flat-headed Free-tailed Bat