Mt. Suswa on a warm afternoon

Had been trekking to the second peak from the Suswa campsite and was on the way back down when we stopped for some water. The view was magnificent on this warm afternoon.

The top of Mount Suswa is a beautiful but, windswept place. On a warm afternoon, there’s not much to see but the vast stretches of the Kenyan savannah and the occasional herd of grazing animals. But for climbers looking for an adventure, Mt. Suswa is a rewarding destination. The ascent is difficult but not too technical, and the views from the summit are stunning.
The mountain’s most distinctive feature is its twin peaks, which can be seen from miles away. The eastern peak is slightly higher than the western peak, and both are covered in scrubby vegetation. There are no trails to the summit, so climbers have to find their own way up through the boulders and scree fields.

The best time to climb Mt. Suswa is during the dry season, when temperatures are cooler and there is less chance of rain or thunderstorms.