Fish eagle at the Kenyan coast

The African fish eagle, or Haliaeetus vocifer, is one of the most iconic birds native to Africa, celebrated for its majestic appearance and evocative cry. This raptor species is primarily found around sub-Saharan bodies of water where it feeds mainly on fish, hence its name. It is instantly recognizable due to its contrasting colors, with a chestnut body, snow-white head, and large, powerful black wings. The African fish eagle’s striking yellow eyes and hooked beak make it a symbol of power and grace. This bird of prey’s hunting skills are remarkable, as it can swoop down over water at high speeds to catch fish with its strong talons. Although it can fly up to 50 km per hour, it often prefers to perch on tall trees or posts, scanning the water below for its next meal. The African fish eagle’s vocalizations are equally distinctive, with its high-pitched, resounding call often serving as a quintessential soundtrack to the African landscape.